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Your AdCreative.ai alternative for high powered ad copy and creatives

Looking for an AdCreative.ai alternative to make AI creatives and copy that actually drive results in your Facebook ads manager? You're not alone. That's why we started AdCopy — the superior AI advertising alternative to AdCreative.ai! AdCopy delivers powerful AI ads with a data optimization & advertising focus.

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AdCopy.ai vs AdCreative.ai Comparison

Compare our features against other solutions in the market, and make the right decision for your business.

Feature Comparison
AI Copywriting
Copy & Paste Ad Rewriting
Built for Advertising
Facebook Integration
Ad Optimization Reports and Suggestions
AI Ad Image Generation
AI Creativity Amplifier
24/7 Priority Support
Monthly Credits
$49 / month
$149 / month

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Learn more, grow more.

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Be radically honest.

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Make it a team effort.

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Stay humble.

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Make mistakes.

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Take accountability.

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Go the extra mile.

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…All while having fun.

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How does AdCreative.ai work?

AdCreative.ai looks good at first glance, but it might be overpriced for what some marketing teams need. For a dedicated AI ad generator, AdCopy offers a more focused, affordable choice that also doubles as an AI optimization assistant once natively integrated with your Facebook Ad Account.

Unfortunately AdCreative.ai was not built as a complete solution for advertisers and to achieve special tasks such as identifying trends within your Facebook Ads manager - that's why we built AdCopy.ai; the turnkey solution to tap into your marketing data and unleash the true potential of AI copy, AI ad creatives and more!

The "AdCopy Effect"

Average Increase to CTR
Higher ROAS
More Conversions
Words of Copy Written

How does AdCopy work?

With AdCopy’s AI ad generator, it’s easy to get started. You can copy and paste existing ads and images to have them generated into unique content, or you can input your own unique information and have the tool create the ads you need.

It takes a matter of seconds to create dynamic Facebook ads and other AI advertising that gets more attention, more conversions, and more for your marketing dollars. Plus, AdCopy is trusted by the top 1% of media buyers on Facebook, as it’s a dedicated marketing AI tool.

While ChatGPT offers a broader range of features and is free to use, it isn’t targeted for marketing, which means that it just doesn’t measure up when it comes to AI ad generation. Try AdCopy free today and watch your ad campaigns improve!

"Our CTR increased from about 2% to nearly 5% in just a few days by using the outputs created by AdCopy.ai"
- Kyle Russell, Founder of Skale Brands

AI Copy and Creatives that get results...

AdCopy was built by marketers to make the menial day to day tasks of running paid media easier than ever by leveraging the power of AI.

AdCopy has handled more than 10,000 copy generations to date, helping thousands of marketers to improve their ads, with an increased click-through rate of almost 40%. AdCopy Pro is available for a low monthly fee and includes a five-day free trial so that you can test it out.

With native optimization suggestions, high powered creatives and copy; it unlocks the ability to buy ads more effective with less time and stress for any brand or agency looking to improve ad performance.

What makes AdCopy superior?

AdCopy's AI was built specifically for digital marketers looking to improve their copy and creatives with the power of AI. Now there are plenty of solutions that can be pieced together for AI advertising, but AdCopy was built with an infrastructure to continuously learn, adapt and specialize for direct response marketing behind countless in house tests and analyzed data from our advertising clients.


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Why is AdCopy AI Best?

Copy & Creatives that Convert

Our AI models are trained to persuade, grab attention and convert. Kick generic solutions to the curb and get your campaigns right.

Populate Your Website Data

Feeling lazy? Drop your website URL and AdCopy will learn about your brand to curate selling points and marketing angles for you.

Avoid Bans with Compliant Copy

Don’t guess if your ads will get your account shut down. AdCopy is fully aware of those tricky advertising policies and will avoid creating troublesome ads.

Multi-Language for Boundless Ads

Who needs a translator when you can tell AdCopy to write your ads in whichever language you prefer? Create ads in a multitude of languages.

Take Control Over Your AI

Using the Creativity Amplifier you can whip up ideas from left field or keep it plain jane. The outputs are boundless and in your control!

Triple Your Idea Output

You’ve got options! We don’t like limits, that’s why we generate multiple ads with every generation to ensure you’ve got options!


AI That Was Built to Improve Your Facebook Ads is Finally Here. Try it Risk Free.

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Craft copy built to convert.

Generate countless variations of effective ad copy at veteran copywriting levels for your direct response marketing campaigns. Never again sell your business short with limited ideas.

AI Modeled for Direct Response

Drastic Increases in KPIs that matter


Boundless variations & options.

Split tests. New angles. Never feel constrained or slow down your production due to one and done efforts. No shortage of variations will allow you to find your true winners faster than ever before. Every ad generated was made specifically for you and never reused.

Unlimited unique outputs for your campaigns

Find winning variations in lightning speed

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