How to Create More Engaging Facebook Ads Using AI

Did you realize having a conversationally-toned ad can get around 56% greater engagement than a formal one? 📈

Let’s dive into 3 great ways to spin up high powered ads built for more clicks…

1. Storytelling

Crafting the perfect image in someone’s mind to pair with your creative that initially captured their attention is immensely impactful.

Let’s talk about hair growth for example. What would resonate more with someone struggling to solve their issue? Capitalized text with a promotion or relating to the pain point and making them feel understood?

“I’d look in the mirror seeing my youth slip away. I’ve tried multiple solutions until {product} left me speechless…”

Connection is key!

2. Customer Testimonials

People LOVE to hear what others have to say or think about a potential decision they’re about to make. Allow others to tell the story for you and watch how others flock to try and attain the same results of your biggest fans.

Luckily makes it super easy to whip up fresh story ideas if you don’t have any. Just drop an example and let AI take the wheel for your next Facebook ad!

3. Rallying Your Tribe

Leading with a no brainer hook to make your target customer say “yes” to you will capture attention and reel them in for more.

Struggling to get creative or whip up eye catching ads of your own? Spin up Copy using AI for your next Facebook ad campaign!

AI marketing has never been more accessible - since Chat GPT wasn't built for clicks or conversions, we've done the heavy lifting for you to bridge the gap between hihg converting copy and AI.

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