3 Ways to Improve Facebook Ad Creative Testing with AI Copy

Coming up with good copy for Facebook Ads can be hard! Thats why when it comes to copy, AI is our saving grace for cranking out new high quality ad variations like clockwork.

Let's dive into 3 ways to improve your creative testing...

1) Using Competitor Ads

Did you know just by feeding a couple sentences of your competitor’s ads, you can whip up new ad copy variations for your own brand?

Using AdCopy.ai you can copy and paste for a new ad variation with your own twist added in seconds! No need to reinvent the wheel ever again!

This is immensely powerful if you simply want to create the ad in another language or have it rewritten in a different style without any headaches.

2) Split Testing Copy Styles

We love using all sorts of creative angles, tones and approaches for hooking in consumers to read more.

One that we love is STORYTELLING. Quoting our customer’s journey has been massively impactful and that’s why we even help get the creative juiced flowing by telling AI to write Testimonial Story Style Copy inside of AdCopy!

Simply go to "Copy Type" in our web app or AI chrome extension where you will then select "Testimonial Story Copy" and voila! Your next lengthy story is drafted up for you in moments.

3) Use Existing Data

We’re on the verge of allowing users to upload their best ads from Facebook to further teach AI what winning ads look like specifically for YOUR BRAND!

Now this is something that AI copy or AI advertising has never seen before - hence our excitement to get it in your hands is greater than ever. AI advertising will now meet first party data from a Meta ads manager seamlessly for the first time ever! Say goodbye to generic AI ad solutions and ChatGPT because the pinnacle will be in your hands shortly.

Stay tuned as this will be available soon, so be sure to check out adcopy.ai to stay on top of the Facebook integration release 👀

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